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Message from the President

Since our founding, Japan Airport Terminal Group (JAT Group) has engaged in the construction, management, and operation of airport passenger terminals, under a philosophy of “Harmony between the Business and the Society” Our growth has continued to the present as we have implemented various initiatives together with our stakeholders. In a business environment where both society at large and the aviation industry are undergoing significant changes, we are committed to making our airport operations sustainable. As part of the Medium-Term Business Plan we announced last year, we have placed sustainability at the heart of our strategic efforts and are working to improve our systems in this regard. Announced in May 2023, our Medium-Term Sustainability Plan identifies materialities we will address and sets target KPIs for achieving our Medium-Term Business Plan’s goal of becoming “one of the most advanced, human- and eco-friendly airports by 2030.” Working with both financial and non-financial indicators, we will boost our efforts to promote sustainability while striving to expand the range of corporate information we disclose.


Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd
President and COO
Nobuaki Yokota

Message from the President

Sustainability Basic Policy

The Japan Airport Terminal Group, as a purely private company engaged in construction, management and operation of highly public passenger terminals, has adopted a basic philosophy of “Harmony between the Business and the Society.”
To realize ““To Be a World Best Airport - To be the world’s most respected airport, pursuing the satisfaction of all stakeholders -,”we will promote sustainable business activities while contributing to the development of the socioeconomy under the Sustainability Basic Policy.