Message from President

Our officers and employees work together with a pioneering spirit to ensure we create an airport that is people- and eco-friendly

In fiscal 2022 (April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023), the global economy began emerging from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the second half of fiscal 2022, I got the sense that the business environment of Japan Airport Terminal Group was finally changing. Nationwide travel support through incentives had resumed and there was a significant relaxation of entry restrictions.

On the other hand, with other factors—such as geopolitical risks—now having come into play, resource prices continue to rise. Since costs thus are bound to rise as passenger traffic grows, we intend to continue to use the lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic to contain the cost rebound. At the same time, as domestic and international passenger traffic recovers, we find ourselves facing personnel shortages. There is a severe shortage of staff to support passenger exit and entry, such as through ground handling and security guard duties. We are working with airlines to welcome back those who were forced to leave their jobs due to the pandemic. Moreover, in response to both our shortage of personnel and that of tenant companies, we continue to study how automation and digital transformation at airport facilities might result in greater efficiency and be labor saving.

The fiscal 2030 goal of the Group is to be an airport terminal operator that is trusted by all stakeholders and provides an advanced, human- and eco-friendly airport. Under our medium-term business plan (FY2022–FY2025) and bearing in mind the desire that the airport should be thought of as the country’s premier gateway, we are working to create a model that will be recognized as the best in the world. The Company has been working to effectively utilize and manage airport facilities to meet the needs of the anticipated larger number of international visitors who will visit Japan by 2030. But, during the pandemic, we had an unprecedented experience: Airports ceased to function. Against this backdrop and in order to sustain and glow the Company, all divisions are now studying its business in terms of change, growth, and expansion.

As we free ourselves from the COVID-19 pandemic and are returning to our daily lives, Haneda Airport has entered a phase in which the effects of the expansion of international flight slots, which was implemented in March 2020, will be realized. Although we celebrated our 70th anniversary in July 2023, we are facing a confusing business environment with soaring resource prices, China's economic trends, the global situation changes in Europe and the Middle East, and others. In such an environment, we are steadily implementing the necessary measures with a frontier spirit and a long-term goal in mind.

We look forward to the continued support of shareholders and investors in the future.

Nobuaki Yokota
President and COO
November 2023