Message from President

We will strive to build a structure that enables flexible and stable business operations to lead to a further leap forward in the new era.

In recent years, the Japanese government has been pursuing policies of strengthening the functions of the airports in the Tokyo metropolitan area and attracting international travelers to Japan. We have responded to those policies by steadily developing frameworks for welcoming travelers, including the establishment of facilities for international flights in Haneda Airport’s Terminal 2 and expanding the facilities in Terminal 3. With these actions, as well as the major increase in travelers on international routes accompanying increased international flights and other factors, the JATC Group had expected the further expansion of its business profits in FY2020.

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the global economy deteriorated greatly, and international travel stagnated, resulting in a marked decline in demand in the aviation and tourism industries. The JATC Group has also been severely impacted and is facing harsh management conditions, including the likelihood that it will record its highest losses since its foundation in its business results for FY2020.

Under these circumstances, in the operation of the terminals at Haneda Airport, we are working with the airlines and other related companies, guided by the relevant government agencies, to pursue transmission prevention measures to secure the safety and security of airport patrons. These measures are based on the “Guidelines for Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 in the Aviation Field”.

In a business environment of dramatic changes in the aviation industry and society as a whole, the JATC group is striving to build a structure that will make flexible and stable business operations possible. As such, we will continue to fulfil our mission of evolving the operation of airport terminals, which are facilities that are extremely public in nature, to meet the needs of the times, while establishing our business. In doing so, to ensure that, most importantly, patrons can use our terminals with peace of mind, we will remain conscious of the need to ensure absolute safety and thoroughly implement safety measures in all areas. This includes virus transmission prevention and cyber security, as well as disaster preparedness and crime prevention measures.

On that basis, for the pursuit of flexible and efficient terminal operations, we will undertake structural reforms aimed at reforming our cost structure and diversifying our income source. In doing so, by each and every one of our employees actively contributing their own wisdom and action, we hope to build a resilient corporate structure and bring about the early recovery of our business results. With the end of the COVID-19 crisis still not in sight, the situation remains severe, but as airport terminals that offer safety and peace of mind in the face of such infectious diseases, every single one of us will engage, with strong intentions, toward our goal of being an airport that is trusted not only by its patrons, but also by the airlines, shareholders, and all our stakeholders.

Once the COVID-19 situation has settled down, we anticipate that international visitor numbers to Japan will recover and aviation demand at Haneda Airport will steadily increase. We will pursue proactive initiatives that will lead to our Group’s further leap forward in the new era.

We kindly ask all of our stockholders and investors for your continued support in the future.

President and COO, Nobuaki Yokota

President and COO,
Nobuaki Yokota