In pursuing the ideal situation for Haneda Airport, we aim to be the World's No. 1 airport.

Japan Airport Terminal Corporation was established in 1953 as Japan’s first company to use private capital to build, manage and operate airport terminals, under a philosophy of “balancing public good and business success.” In the approximately 70 years since then, we have been a pioneer in private-sector airport terminal management, leveraging our expertise to play our part in the development of the aviation industry.

In recent years, the Japanese government has been pursuing policies of strengthening the functions of the airports in the Tokyo metropolitan area and attracting international travelers to Japan. We have responded to those policies by steadily developing frameworks for welcoming travelers, including the establishment of facilities for international flights in Haneda Airport’s Terminal 2 and expanding the facilities in Terminal 3.

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the global economy deteriorated greatly, and international travel stagnated, resulting in a marked decline in demand in the aviation and tourism industries. The JATC Group has also been severely impacted and is facing harsh management conditions, including the likelihood that it will record its highest losses since its foundation in its business results for FY2020.

In a business environment of dramatic changes in the aviation industry and society as a whole, the JATC group is striving to build a structure that will make flexible and stable business operations possible. As such, we will continue to fulfil our mission of evolving the operation of airport terminals, which are facilities that are extremely public in nature, to meet the needs of the times, while establishing our business. In doing so, to ensure that, most importantly, patrons can use our terminals with peace of mind, we will remain conscious of the need to ensure absolute safety and thoroughly implement safety measures in all areas. This includes virus transmission prevention and cyber security, as well as disaster preparedness and crime prevention measures.

We will continue in our aim for Haneda Airport to be safe and comfortable and an airport that patrons can use with peace of mind.

President and COO, Nobuaki Yokota