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Tokyo International Airport at Haneda, the base of our business, was returned to Japan by the United States in 1952. Following the return, the original name "Tokyo Aerodrome" was changed to "Tokyo International Airport."
To restore the airport as its air gateway, Japan urgently had to expand the facilities to be suitable for an international airport capable of serving Japan's capital of Tokyo. Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd. (JAT) was established to meet this need and to build and manage terminal buildings with private capital mainly financed by Japan's leading companies. Since then the company has developed as described below.

July 1953 JAT was established with ¥150 million in private capital and started planning for terminal building project.
May 1955 Completed and opened terminal building and started rental and merchandise sales operations.
Sep. 1964 Completed separate domestic arrival terminal building in time for the Tokyo Olympic Games.
Oct. 1964 Started duty-free sales operations.
May 1970 Completed new international arrival terminal building.
Feb. 1973 Started commissioned management and maintenance of terminal building at Narita International Airport.
Mar. 1978 Opened Narita Office at Narita International Airport.
May 1978 Started duty-free and other merchandise sales, hotel reservation services and other operations at newly opened Narita International Airport.
Feb. 1990 Listed on second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Sep. 1991 Listed on first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Sep. 1993 Started operation of Terminal 1.
July 1994 Opened Osaka Office at Kansai International Airport.
Sep. 1994 Started commissioned sales of duty-free goods at newly opened Kansai International Airport.
Mar. 1998 Started operation of Haneda International (passenger) Terminal.
Feb. 2001 International passenger charter flights from Haneda Airport commenced.
May 2002 Completed extension work on Haneda International (passenger) Terminal.
Dec. 2002 Annual domestic passenger volume hit the 60 million mark at Haneda Airport.
Nov. 2003 International passenger charter flights between Haneda and Seoul (Gimpo) commenced.
July 2004 Moved Head Office from Chiyoda-ku, Marunouchi, to Haneda Airport.
Dec. 2004 Started operation of Terminal 2.
Feb. 2005 Opened Chubu Office at newly opened Central Japan International Airport.
Started wholesale of duty-free goods at newly opened Central Japan International Airport.
Feb. 2007 Started operation of South Pier in Terminal 2.
Sep. 2007 International passenger charter flights between Haneda and Shanghai (Hongqiao) commenced.
Dec. 2007 Started operation of temporary P4 parking structure.
Apr. 2008 International passenger charter flights between Haneda and Hong Kong commenced (in specific time slots).
Apr. 2009 Designated as Airport Facility Operator under the new Airport Act.
Oct. 2009 International passenger charter flights between Haneda and Beijing commenced (in specific time slots).
Aug. 2010 Started operation of complete P4 parking structure.
Aug. 2010 Completed extension of Haneda Terminal 2 in Phase III plan.
Oct. 2010 Started operation of extended south part of Haneda Terminal 2.
Oct. 2010 Started operation of new International Terminal (PFI project).
Oct. 2010 Closed temporary international passenger terminal building and ended operation of P5 parking structure.
Jan. 2011 Established Japan Airport Terminal Trading (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. as consolidated subsidiary.
Nov. 2011 Completed renovation of Haneda Terminal 1.
Apr. 2013 Started operation of extended South Pier in Haneda Terminal 2.