Facilities Management

As an operator of airport passenger terminals, which are public infrastructure with enormous importance, we establish absolute safety and aim to improve the standard of service.

Construction, management and operation of passenger terminals

Haneda Airport

We pursue better convenience, comfort and functionality to customers with complete security systems and through appropriate expansion and renovation of facilities.

Real estate rental

Haneda Airport

We rent offices and stores to airline companies and businesses operating at the airport.

Management and operation of parking lots

Haneda Airport

We manage and operate Haneda Airport P1 and P4 parking structures. For improved customer service, personal garages, a pet hotel, and a charging station for electric cars are available.

Management and operation of Haneda Airport Wharf

Haneda Airport

We manage and operate Haneda Airport Wharf to attract tourists, invigorate the local economy, and prepare for disasters. A sightseeing boat lets visitors enjoy cruises and, in the event of disaster, provides marine transport.