Sustainability Basic Policy

Sustainability Basic Policy

The Japan Airport Terminal Group, as a purely private company engaged in construction, management and operation of highly public passenger terminals, has adopted a basic philosophy of “Harmony between the Business and the Society.”
To realize “To Be a World Best Airport - To be the world’s most respected airport, pursuing the satisfaction of all stakeholders -,” we will promote sustainable business activities while contributing to the development of the socioeconomy under the Sustainability Basic Policy.



Serving as an air gateway to Japan, we strive to operate customer-centered passenger terminals (convenience, comfortableness and functionality), continuously work at improving services and operations while actively utilizing digital technologies, and provide the best hospitality.



Together with partners, such as airline companies, tenants and subcontractors, and the national government, we promote the development of safe and secure airports and open innovation toward mutual growth.



We give consideration to physical and mental health and security of officers and employees, and strive to develop personnel and improve work environments so that they can work with a motivation while exercising a wide range of abilities they have in various fields associated with the airport.

Local Communities


In partnership with surrounding communities, we not only contribute to the growth of the Tokyo metropolitan area, but also enable domestic air mobility in cooperation with airports throughout the country as the hub of the aviation network, and aim to co-exist and co-prosper with local communities throughout Japan.



We endeavor to be transparent in disclosing information on a timely basis and increase corporate value from a long-term perspective, based on engagement with shareholders and investors.

Global Environment


In moving toward a decarbonized society and/or a resource-circulation society, we aim to reduce the environmental burden associated with business activities through, for example, promoting measures against global warming and 3R, and realize sustainable airports in harmony with the global environment in cooperation with stakeholders.



Having ensured absolute safety, we properly manage risks that may pose a threat to business activities. Also, we routinely promote disaster prevention measures, etc., and business continuity management so that, even in emergencies, we can ensure safety and continue operating the passenger terminal, which is public infrastructure, without delays.


We comply with domestic and overseas laws, regulations and rules, and carry out business honestly and fairly while taking human rights into consideration.