Medium-Term Business Plan

About Our Medium-Term Business Plan: “To Be a World Best Airport”

The Japan Airport Terminal (JAT) Group, moving forward with the realization of our long-term vision of constructing airports that bring ultimate satisfaction to all of our stakeholders, has put together a new medium-term business plan, “To Be a World Best Airport 2020”.
Our Group is well aware of the difficult situation that we are currently facing. On the one hand, we have the steady increase in inbound visitors to Japan, while on the other we have the uncertainty arising from the unclear future of the domestic economy that has been brought about by the normalization of geopolitical risk and the resulting slowdown in the economic growth of China and other developing nations that have been driving the world economy.
Several factors are contributing to the increased internationalization of Tokyo International Airport, better known as Haneda Airport. We have the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, the expansion in the number of airport landing slots as part of the overall effort to enhance airport facilities in the greater Tokyo region, the faster than envisioned progress in the Government’s drive to make Japan a world travel destination and its efforts to spur regional revitalization, and Japan’s improved economic vitality. This means our role and our importance are expanding and we see this as an opportunity for growth.
Our Group remains dedicated to enhancing our business environment. Our final objective, and our guiding principle and long-term vision for each and every one of our employees, is “To Be a World Best Airport”. We are well aware of our significance as a company and of our social mission and, in addition to raising the level of stakeholder satisfaction, we will strive to strengthen our organizational governance and improve the efficiency of each of our business enterprises by committing ourselves to this medium term business plan.

For the details of our medium-term management plan, please refer to the financial results briefing materials.
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