Utilizing Natural Energy

Solar panel installations on the terminal roofs provide natural energy.
We are working to create an eco-friendly airport.

Solar Power System

Terminal 1

<Terminal 1>

Terminal 2

<Terminal 2>

Terminal 3

<Terminal 3>

As the company responsible for the daily, year-round operation and management of the busy public Haneda Airport Passenger Terminal, we have installed a solar power generation system to help reduce CO2 emissions.
We will keep working to proactively reduce the environmental impact of our terminals.


(1)Terminal 1 rooftop: 4 locations
(2)Terminal 2 rooftop: 2 locations
(3)Terminal 3 rooftop: 2 locations (5,320 panels in total)

Start of service

Terminal 1 and Terminal 2・・・・・・・・2010/3

Green Roofing

Green Roofing

To achieve an Eco Airport, we are implementing vegetation planting in various locations, including rooftops and walls, to mitigate the heat island effect. This effort goes beyond environmental measures such as energy efficiency and also serves to create a space surrounded by greenery for a more aesthetically pleasing environment.

Ground-Source Heat Pump

Ground-Source Heat Pump

We have installed a ground-source heat pump in Terminal 3. Within the building's pile foundation, we have embedded ground heat recovery pipes to collect geothermal energy, which is then effectively utilized for heating and cooling through the heat pump. This is a heat source system that harnesses geothermal energy, which is one of the forms of renewable energy.