Responding to Customer Voices

Under the customer satisfaction (CS) philosophy of "Peace to those who enter, hail to those who leave (Pax Intrantibus Salus Exeuntibus)," the JAT Group appreciates opinions and requests submitted by customers and takes them as opportunities to improve our service.
Here are some examples of our responses to valuable customer opinions and requests.

Airline logos added to boarding gate signs

[Customer Voice]
I want airline names added to the gate numbers shown in the boarding gate signs above the security gate.

In Terminal 1, passengers are required to choose a specific departure security gate according to the airline they use. To help them find the right gate easily, we have added airline logos beside the gate numbers shown in the boarding gate signs.
[Location of the signs]
Departure lobby on the second floor of Terminal 1
Six signs for Departure Gates A to G

Child toilet seats installed

[Customer Voice]
Regular toilet seats are too large for small children. It would be great if small toilet seats designed for children were available.

All multi-functional restrooms in Terminals 1 and 2 are now equipped with child toilet seats so that small children can safely use toilets.

Pictogram Signs of Restrooms

[Customer Voice]
Restroom signs are difficult to find in the departure lobby on the second floor of Terminal 1 because they are displayed flatly on the wall.

We have added pictograms to lead customers easily to the men's and women's restrooms ahead in the passageway.

Floor Signs for Those Who Line Up for ATMs

[Customer Voice]
Floor signs for those who line up for ATMs on the second-floor lobby have disappeared. So I do not know where to form a line.

We have added blue signs (footprints and arrows) on the floor so that customers can easily see where to form a line.

Nursery Sign

[Customer Voice]
There should be a sign indicating that nurseries are available to both men and women.

We have added signs clearly showing that both men and women can use nurseries.
We have also upgraded equipment in nurseries to make the room cleaner and more useful to mothers, fathers and children.