Dividend Policy

JAT considers distributing profits to shareholders an important issue. We have a basic policy of continuing to pay stable dividends by taking a more aggressive stance toward business, striving to improve earnings, and ensuring internal reserves taking account of large scale investments, such as the expansion of domestic terminal buildings at Haneda Airport.
In accordance with our basic policy, we distribute surplus funds twice a year in the form of interim dividends and year-end dividends. Our Articles of Incorporation provide for the payment of interim dividends stipulated in Article 454, Paragraph 5 of the Companies Act.
This distribution of surplus is decided by the resolution of the General Meeting of Shareholders as to year-end dividends and by the resolution of the Board of Directors as to interim dividends.
The dividends for the previous fiscal year was ¥32 per share (of which ¥22 per share was paid as an interim dividend), which was determined in close consideration of factors such as the financial standing and the full-year financial results.

Dividend Data

72nd term
73rd term
74rd term
75rd term
76rd term
Dividends per share (yen) 33 33 44 45 32
(Interim dividends) (15.0) (16.0) (20.0) (23.0) (22.0)