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Tempura Soba Monzaemon Terminal 23F Terminal Lobby14

Tempura Soba Monzaemonの写真


Business Hours 6:00~21:00早朝から営業
Phone 03-6428-9505
Fax 03-6428-9505
Menu Japanese food (tempura)
Electronic Money Rakuten Edy
Other Seating capacity : 36 seats

At Monzaemon, we serve:
1. Flavourful large hagama soba and flakey large pot tempura, 2. House noodles made from domestically produced millstone ground buckwheat flour, 3. Top quality sweet and sticky Minamiuonuma Koshihikari rice, 4. Elegant Kyoto-style broth made from the first dashi from bonito and mackerel parts, 5. Zero-cholesterol vegetable oil that's good for the body.

Terminal 23F Terminal Lobby14