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ANA FESTA Gate 52 Food Shop (soba & udon noodles) Terminal 22F Gate Lounge (North)29

ANA FESTA Gate 52 Food Shop (soba &  udon noodles)の写真


Business Hours 6:00~20:00早朝から営業 (Soba, udon 6:20 -)
(Soba and udon 19:50)
Phone 03-5539-9000
Menu soba, udon
Electronic Money Rakuten Edy・Suica・PASMO・iD
Other Seating capacity : 23 seats

This store offers buckwheat noodles made from two-parts udon flour and eight parts soba flour grown in the Northern Alps and ground in a stone mortar. High grade katsuobushi is used in the broth. Onigiri are made on-site by hand. Onigiri are made on-site by hand, using Koshihikari Japanese rice, famous Ariake Nori seaweed, and Okinawa salt. Enjoy our uncompromising flavor while taking in a view of the airport and sea before your departure.

* The shops are located in the Departure Gate Lounge. Only passengers awaiting boarding may enter this lounge.

Terminal 22F Gate Lounge (North)29