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Temporary Baggage Storage & Laundry Terminal 1B1F Terminal Lobby (South)18

Temporary Baggage Storage & Laundryの写真


Business Hours 6:00~22:30早朝から営業 夜遅くまで営業 (Laundry 9:00 - 18:00)
Phone 03-5757-8341(Laundry 03-5757-8342)
Fax 03-5757-8390
Available Products Hourly Baggage Storage & Laundry

We will safely and securely store the bags and luggage you bring to Haneda Airport.
Our low prices range from 200 to 800 yen per day! We can even take care of large items like skis and surfboards. (*Please note that there are some items we cannot store.)
We can also handle a wide range of cleaning services from standard finishing to deluxe finishing.
We are highly convenient for people going on long trips because you can leave your items with us on the day you leave and get them when you return. (Finishing takes 4 to 5 days from when you leave an item with us.) For details, please contact us by telephone.

Terminal 1B1F Terminal Lobby (South)18