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ROYAL Coffee Shop Terminal 14F Market Place8

ROYAL Coffee Shopの写真


Business Hours 6:15~21:30早朝から営業
Phone 03-5757-9020
Fax 03-5757-9043
Menu Hamburger, rice omelets, rib steak, Japanese food trays, children’s lunch, etc.
Electronic Money Rakuten Edy・Suica・PASMO・WAON
Other Seating capacity : 147

We offer a new menu since our re-opening, and have been reborn as a comfortable shop. 
We recommend the tomato! And we also have a combination place that allows customers to select their favorite foods! We also offer a full menu that includes curry, shave ice, beer snacks, and more. 
Be sure to stop by. 
We offer a great view, and our staff looks forward to serving you.

Terminal 14F Market Place8