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Selected Western Confectioneries Terminal 12F Market Place17

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Business Hours 6:00~20:00早朝から営業
Phone 03-5757-8127
Available Products Souvenirs (Western confectionery)
Electronic Money Rakuten Edy・Suica・PASMO・iD・China UnionPay・WAON

Selected Western Confectionaries has opened in Haneda Airport Big Bird with a large assortment of popular, high quality sweets.
Please use our store for to buy gifts for important people or to treat yourself.
(Brands we carry) We offer brands including, KEITH MANHATTAN, Karl Juchheim, Madam Setsuko, Tokyo Banana World, Patisserie Kihachi, Yoku Moku, OGGI, Akasaka Tops, Pastel, and Gateau de Voyage.

Terminal 12F Market Place17