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YOJIYA Terminal 1B1F Market Place4



Business Hours 7:00~20:00早朝から営業
Phone 03-5757-8363
Fax 03-5757-8363
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Available Products Cosmetics, cafe
Electronic Money Rakuten Edy
Other Seating capacity : Cafe 18 seats

Our store also features an integrated Yojiya Cafe.
Our oil blotting paper comes in red rather than the classic white paper.
We also offer a limited edition aloe blotting paper, available only at the airport. Be sure to give it a try.
At the popular cafe, the impact of the Yojiya cappuccino with a Yojiya face mark drawn in it has a strong impact, and offering a full line of Japanese sweets in the tradition of Kyoto, customers of from all ages support our cafe serving Japanese sweets at Haneda International Airport.
You can also enjoy foods such as sandwiches and yuzu flavored pasta (in limited quantities).

Terminal 1B1F Market Place4