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Privacy Policy

Handling Personal Information

Our company handles personal information reasonably, and takes all necessary and appropriate measures to manage personal information securely.

In order to manage personal information securely, our company has built a management system and continues to work at improving it.

1. Responsible party
Our company is responsible for protecting personal information, and appropriately handles, and securely manages, personal information.
2. Handling of Personal Information
Our company obtains personal information by fair and legal means as required to do business.
3. Purpose of using personal information
Our company uses the personal information we obtain as required to perform the following business activities. We never use personal information for any other reasons. If our reason for using personal information changes, we will do so only as practically allowed with equivalent relationship to reasons before the change, and in such cases, we will either notify our customers, or publically announce, our new reasons for using personal information.
We use personal information that we obtain for the reasons given below.
  1. To fulfill our obligations, exercise our rights, and various other activities associated with doing so, as relates to the management and operation of Tokyo International Airport (Haneda) passenger terminal building facilities.
  2. To keep records and prepare for emergency situations including crime and accident prevention, as regards audio recordings of telephone calls from customers to our Disaster Prevention Center and Customer Service Center, and video recordings made by video cameras installed in parking lots, stores, and passenger terminal building facilities at Tokyo International Airport (Haneda).
  3. To provide and/or describe our products and services.
  4. To respond to customer inquiries, and improve our business activities, based on opinions, requests and complaints from customers.
  5. To mail and/or deliver products ordered by customers (including pamphlets, etc.) and various other activities associated with doing so.
  6. To conduct market research, analyse customer trends, and so on.
  7. Regarding the personal information of stockholdersて
    • To exercise our legal rights and fulfill our legal obligations.
    • To provide conveniences to those positioned as stockholders.
    • To implement various measures to make our relationship with stockholders go smoothly from both an individual member and group perspective.
    • To manage stockholders, including the creation of stockholder data according to criteria determined based on various laws and regulations.
4. Provision of Personal Data to Third-parties
We do not provide personal information to third parties without the consent of our customers, except in the following cases.
  1. When permitted by law
  2. When the information is being entrusted to a third-party out of necessity in order to carry out our business (In this case, we carry out all necessary and appropriate supervision of that third-party to ensure that the personal data they receive is being managed securely.)
  3. When being used jointly with our group companies (See below under “5. Joint Use of Personal Information with Group Companies.”)
5. Joint Use of Personal Information with Group Companies
We and our group companies (see below) may jointly use personal information about customers between our companies for things like promoting sales and describing the products and services we handle to customers. Information that may be shared includes customer names, addresses, telephone numbers (including mobile phone and FAX numbers), mail addresses, corporate and organisation names, department names, position titles, employer addresses, and other contact information, as well as sex, date of birth, transaction history, information obtained through surveys, and other such information. Although our company is the party responsible for the personal information of our customers that may be used jointly, group companies also strictly manage personal information according to the same guidelines as our company.
Group Businesses
  • Tokyo Airport Restaurant Co., Ltd.
  • Cosmo Catering Co., Ltd.
  • International Trade Inc.
  • Japan Airport Logitem Co., Ltd.
  • BIG WING Co., Ltd.
  • Japan Airport Techno Co., Ltd.
  • Japan Airport Terminal Trading (Chengdu) Co., Ltd.
  • Haneda Airport Enterprise Co., Ltd.
  • Haneda Airport Security Co., Ltd.
  • Haneda Passenger Service Co., Ltd.
  • Japan Airport Ground Handling Co., Ltd.
  • Sakura Shokai Co., Ltd.
  • Hamashin Co., Ltd.
  • CTT Co., Ltd.
6. Management of Personal Information
Our company strives to keep personal information accurate and up-to-date to the extent necessary to achieve our purpose of use.
Our company takes the appropriate measures necessary to prevent leakage, loss and/or damage to personal information and otherwise manage it securely.
In order to handle personal information appropriately, our company monitors our employees as deemed necessary and appropriate.
7. Contact Information
If you have questions, inquiries, opinions, complaints or any issue you wish to discuss regarding how our company handles personal information, please contact us as given below.
【By Telephone】
Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd. Administrative Department, General Affairs and Human Resources Division, Legal Affairs Division
Personal Information Protection 03-5757-8040 0
【By Mail】
3-3-2 Hanedakuko, Ota-ku, Tokyo (Tokyo International Airport)
Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd. Administrative Department, General Affairs and Human Resources Division, Legal Affairs Division
Personal Information Protection
Note: Please understand that we cannot accommodate direct visits to our corporate offices.