Other Questions

How do I request an announcement inside the terminals?

Announcements are made verbally. (You cannot speak directly with the person you page.) For details, contact Haneda Airport General Information at 03-5757-8111.

Who do I contact if I lost something?

If you forget something in the terminals, contact the Lost Item Center. If you forget something on an airplane, contact your airline.

Japan Airlines (JAL)
Japan Transocean Air (JTA)
ANA 03-6428-3799
Skymark (SKY) 03-5757-7070
Air Do (ADO) 03-6428-9716
Solaseed Air (SNA) 03-6428-9081
Star Flyer (SFJ) 03-5757-7077

Can I get an airport map by fax?

Airport maps are available on this website in PDF format. Please download an airport map.

I left something on my international flight. Where should I go to make an enquiry?

For items left in the international terminal, refer to "Lost items" in the Haneda Airport International Passenger Terminal information.