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For inquiries, please call the following telephone number. An operator or voice guide will help you. Use this service in conjunction with the FAQ given above.

Haneda Airport Domestic Flights General Information


(Business Hours 5:00 - 25:00)

For inquiries regarding international flights, please click here.

Tokyo International Terminal Information (Telephone Center)

03-6428-0888 (operates 24 hours a day)

For flight reservations, please check with the reservation center of your airline company.

Japan Airlines (JAL) 0570-025-071
ANA 0570-029-222
Japan Transocean Air (JTA) 0570-025-071
Skymark (SKY) 0570-039-283
Air Do (ADO) 0120-057-333
Solaseed Air (SNA) 0570-037-283
Star Flyer (SFJ) 0570-07-3200


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