About Flights and Airlines

What time is my flight?

See Flight Information on this site.

Where can I find scheduled and actual arrival times?

For scheduled arrival times, see Flight Information on this website. For actual arrival times, you can call Haneda Airport General Information at 03-5757-8111. (Business Hours 5:00 - 25:00)

How can I check seating conditions?

Please check with the reservation center of your airline company.

Japan Airlines (JAL)0570-025-071
ANA 0570-029-222
Japan Transocean Air (JTA)0570-025-071
Skymark (SKY)0570-039-283
Air Do (ADO)0120-057-333
Solaseed Air (SNA)0570-037-283
Star Flyer (SFJ)0570-07-3200