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What time do terminals open?

Terminals are usually open from 5:00 to 24:00. However, the Departure Lobby closes after the last flight takes off, and the Arrival Lobby closes after the last flight lands.

What are some good places to meet up with other people?

Please go to Services Meeting Places on this website.

Where is the Post Office?

The Post Office is located in the Market Place in the center of the first floor of Terminal 1. For details, see Services Banks and Post Office on this website.

Where can I find a bank?

See Services Banks and Post Office on this website. For detailed locations, please visit an Information counter.

Where can I buy souvenirs?

For detailed information about all stores at the airport, please see Shops & Restaurants on this website.
For available products, go to HANEDA Shopping (external site).

HANEDA Shopping (external site)

About Parking (fees, hours of operation, etc.)

See Transport Parking Information on this website.

How do I get to the observation decks?

The rooftop observation deck is accesible through the 6th floor of Terminal 1.
You go out on the observation deck from the fifth floor in Terminal 2. Note that the observation decks in both terminals are open from 6:30 to 22:00. (Observation deck hours are subject to change depending on the weather and other factors.)
For details about the observation decks, see Services Observation Decks on this website.

Is there a nursery at the airport?

There are 14 nurseries in Terminal 1 and 12 in Terminal 2.
See Services To All Passengers with Children - Nurseries on this website. For details, please visit an Information counter.
If you still do not know where to go, call us at 03-5757-8111 to reach Haneda Airport General Information. (Business Hours 5:00 - 24:00)

Can pets enter the terminals?

According to airport management regulations established by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, pets cannot be brought into the terminals.
However, service dogs for people with disabilities, such as seeing-eye dogs, and pets and animals in the care of an airline for stowing on the airplane are exempted from this regulation.
When putting your pet in the care of an airline, it must be placed in a cage or other container and left with the airline at a check-in counter.