Enjoy Haneda Airport

Recommended Spots at Haneda Airport - Other Recommended Spots

Terminal 1, 1FJapanese Shrine at Haneda Airport

It’s not well-known, but there is a Japanese Shrine at Haneda Airport for praying for advances in the aviation industry and safe travel by air. The shrine is valuable in protecting the airport, where we emphasise safety. The shrine is located on 1F of Terminal 1. Why not pray for a safe trip, when you travel through Haneda Airport? It will surely offer a chance to make your trip more fun.

1F of P4 Parking.Haneda Airport Pet Hotel Front Counter (Check-in counter)

When going on a trip there may be many opportunities to take your pet along just like family. At Haneda Airport, we have a pet hotel. You can use a full line of pet-related services from trimming, to a micro spa, and a big dog run. You must try the “Quick Service,” unique to Haneda Airport. We provide pet care service for 500 yen (one hour) to anyone who shows a boarding pass valid at Haneda Airport for the same day. Getting your pet safely on the airplane quickly can be a big worry. Instead of arriving at the airport at the last minute and entrusting you pet at the airline counter, you can come early and use the quick service, while you enjoy eating or shopping. There is also a “Temporary Pet Care” service. Pet care services start from 1620 yen for customers not boarding a plane. Be sure to drop by the Pet Hotel Front Counter (Check-in counter) when you go out with your pet.

Smoking Areas

A separated smoking environment has been prepared at Haneda Airport. There are also spots where you can relax and enjoy some tobacco if you are a smoker. Let us tell you about the hot spots JT has produced.

Terminal 2, 2F (can only be used by passengers awaiting boarding)

For passengers awaiting boarding in Terminal 2, there are smoking rooms that will make you think you have never seen such a classy smoking room before! Relax and enjoy yourself in style before your departure.