Enjoy Haneda Airport

Recommended Spots at Haneda Airport - Recommended Spots for Families with Children

Terminal 1, 6F Rooftop Observation Deck

Enjoy a fantastic 360-degree panoramic view of the airport. Even adults will be awed at the powerful view of planes taking off and landing. Observation Decks are on 6F and the rooftop. With a large area, two-storey construction, the entire family can spend a leisurely time enjoying the view.

屋上の様子 屋上からの景色 管制塔 JAL航空機と富士山

Terminal 1, B1FTokyo Chef's Kitchen

It can sometimes be difficult finding a restaurant that can handle the orders of your entire family, can’t it? At the food court, you can enjoy a variety of different foods. There’s something for everyone in the family. The following is a list of restaurants in the food court.

  • Tonkatsu Restaurant, Ginza Bairin
  • Japanese Soba, Shinshu soba Azumino
  • Asakusa Western Restaurant, Yoshikami
  • Aoyama Pizza & Pasta, To the Herbs Express
  • Chinese Restaurant - Saiho
  • Osaka Takoyaki Takobon 03-3747-0082
東京シェフズキッチンの入り口 東京シェフズキッチンの入り口

Terminal 1, 3F Doshin Juveniland TOKYO

Many nostalgic old toys can be found here. You might forget the time passing as you play with this collection of fun and nostalgic toys that adults as well as children can enjoy. Appearing on the television show “Kaiun! Nandemo Kantei-dan”, this area is for the young at heart, with nostalgic bricks from the past, wooden toys from Northern Europe, games, key holders, other toys, and even a Kitahara Collection Airport Gallery put together by the famous antique toy collector Kitahara Teruhisa. The toy history and memories and episodes from childhood provided by this collection give this store an ambience that you just can’t get anywhere else. Even small children should be delighted by this world of toys a bit unliked today’s video games.

Haneda Airport Memorial Stamps (Information)

Some Information counters in Terminals 1 and 2 have a Haneda memorial stamp that you can get to prove you were at Haneda Airport.
Be sure to get a stamp for a fun reminder of your trip. Even if you don’t have any paper to put the stamp on, we have paper ready for you with “羽田空港記念スタンプ” (Haneda Airport Memorial Stamp) printed on it.

Kid’s Land (only for passengers awaiting boarding)

You may be worried that small children will wear you out on the plane. At Haneda Airport, there is a place where children can play, called Kid’s Land, in the secure area for passengers waiting to board their plane. Although it can be difficult to let kid’s play without worrying about the surrounding area, you rest easy as you let them play here. If you can arrive at the airport a bit early and let your children play enough, then you will have relax time on the plane.