Enjoy Haneda Airport

Recommended Spots at Haneda Airport - Recommended Spots for Couples

Terminal 2, 5F Observation Deck

With Tokyo Bay laid out before your eyes, you can enjoy the romantic scenery from the Tokyo Bay area to the Chiba coast, and if the weather is good you can see Disneyland, Makuhari, and the Boso Peninsula. And with the main runaway right in front of you, of course, you can also see spectacular views of planes taking off and landing.
You can also enjoy beautiful night scenes of the runway and Tokyo Bay Area during the evening and night hours. If you’re a couple coming home from work, why not drop by for a visit? The Observation Deck is big enough to find a space just for two and enjoy a romantic time together.


Terminal 1, 5F Air Terminal Grill Kihachi

There are lots of different kinds of restaurants at Haneda Airport. Of these, one of the nicest restaurants where you can enjoy a typical airport view of is the Air Terminal Grill Kihachi restaurant, brought to the airport by the Kihachi restaurant. You can view planes taking off and landing through a 60-meter long window. The restaurant has a high class, modern feel reminiscent of the International Hotel in New York. The Air Terminal Grill Kihachi restaurant can turn your time at the airport, which is usually just another source of daily drama, into a special experience. We have a broad menu selection from appetizers for drinks to grilled food, suitable for any situation.

Terminal 1, 3FStarbucks Coffee

The popular Starbucks Coffee is at the airport. Located on 3F in Terminal 1, Starbucks Coffee has a counter facing the Check-in Lobby. Even non-travelers can enjoy the feel just before going on a trip. Although there aren’t many seats, and it can be hard to get one, if you can get a seat, we recommend a seat at the counter.

Terminal 1, 3F and Terminal 2, 3FMinami Aoyama, Shosaikan

How about trying out this store when you need a thoughtful present? With a classy, nostalgic atmosphere, this store carries antique books, brand stationery, and museum stationery. You should definitely come on by if you are shopping as a couple. You might even want to get a pair of fountain pens as a memento.