To All Handicapped Passengers

We continually strive to make the terminals at Haneda International Airport more comfortable and convenient. We aim to provide a facility that is easy to use for everyone based on universal design concepts and in line with new laws and regulations concerning handicap access.

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To visitors who need assistance

Visitors in need of assistance, such as the elderly and handicapped, should go to the nearest Information counter. Also, feel free to inquire with the Airport Concierge nearest you. In addition, the airport has qualified service assistants on staff who can provide you with assistance that makes your trip go smoothly. If you have any other questions, please inquire at any general Information counter inside Haneda Airport Terminal Building.

* Assistance services are available to handicapped and elderly visitors to the airport. Services include guiding you, helping with check-in, and helping you move in and around airport facilities, including Haneda Airport Domestic Terminals and parking lots for domestic flights (P1 through P4).

Haneda Airport Terminal Building, General Information.
(Business Hours 5:00 - 25:00)

Universal Service Guide Guide to Haneda International Airport

Currently being revised

About Pets Entering Terminals

Service dogs, seeing-eye dogs, hearing dogs and other service animals may enter the terminals together with their owners.
Please note that all other animals are prohibited from entering the terminals. Thank you for your cooperation.