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Tokyo Food Products Clock Tower 1 StoreTerminal 2 2F Terminal Lobby (North)4


Business Hours 5:45 - 20:30
Phone 03-6428-8713
Available Products Souvenirs (Japanese and Western confectionery)
Electronic Money Rakuten Edy / Suica / PASMO / iD / China UnionPay / WAON

Since our store is located right in front of the group check-in counter, you can enjoy shopping while waiting for your group to gather. 
Capable of causing a line to form, Mangando potatoes offer a freshly baked warm feeling.
We carry a great number of carefully selected products in addition to the famous Tokyo Banana line of gifts from Tokyo

Terminal 2 2F Terminal Lobby (North)4

Messages from Stores

From September 19, 2015 to September 27, 2015, hours of operation will be modified to 5:45 to 21:00. We look forward to meeting everyone who visits our store.

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