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Selected Japanese ConfectioneriesTerminal 1 2F Market Place16


Business Hours 6:00 - 20:00
Phone 03-5757-8125
Available Products Souvenirs (Japanese confectionery)
Electronic Money Rakuten Edy / Suica / PASMO / iD / China UnionPay / WAON

The line of shops includes established stores such as “Toraya,” “Hanazono Manju,” “Eitaro Sohompo,” “Tsukiji Chitose,” and stores appearing at Haneda Airport for the first time, such as Furuya Koga Otoan, Ginza Nakajo.
We carry a variety of Japanese confectionery that you can enjoy yourself, give as gifts to your friends or family, or use for business purposes.

Terminal 1 2F Market Place16
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