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There are two hotels in the airport: “FIRST CABIN Haneda Terminal 1” in Terminal 1, and “Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu” in Terminal 2. Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu is on floors 2F through 7F, and can be entered from the Departure Lobby on 2F of Terminal 2.

FIRST CABIN Haneda Terminal 1Room (Lodging)

The first floor of Terminal 1 now features a compact hotel conceptualised based on first class seating on an airplane. Feel free to drop in if you are making a connecting flight. Overnight stays as well as hourly rentals are available. Relax in the stylish lounge, and pass the time in pleasing style and comfort before or after your trip, and enjoy a hot bath or shower.

Location Terminal 1, 1F Terminal Lobby
Business Hours 24 hours早朝から営業深夜まで営業
Phone 03-5757-8755
Fax 03-5757-8757

Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyurooms (lodging) and restaurant (dining).

The hotel lobby directly connects to the Terminal 2 Departure Lobby. There are full airport facilities including flight information, and rooms where you can relax and observe flights. With seating for 200 people, the restaurant FLYER'S TABLE is the largest restaurant in Terminal 2. Hours of operations are from 5:00 to 25:00. Relax and enjoy a meal or tea time.

Location Terminal 2, 2F Terminal Lobby
Business Hours Restaurant “Flyer’s Table” 5:00 - 25:00 早朝から営業深夜まで営業
Phone 03-5756-6000
Fax 03-5757-0706
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