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Haneda Airport Wharf Information


At the Haneda Airport Wharf, there are pleasure boats that travel To Odaiba, Yokohama, and other locations. Cruises are available from which you can view planes taking off and landing, and scenery of the four seasons.

About Regular Cruise

We at KMC Corporation have received permissions from Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd. to start operating the following regular cruise routes between the Haneda Airport Wharf and Odaiba Seaside Park (water bus depot), and between the Haneda Airport Wharf and Yokohama Minatomirai Pukarisanbashi Pier. For cruise times, click here.



Maintenance Area

整備区画 現場配置図

Sanbashi Terminal (Started operation on December 1, 2011)

  • 門扉写真
    Photo of Gate Doors
  • 待合室(多摩川側)
    Waiting Room (Tamagawa side)
  • 桟橋写真
    Photo of Pier

About Water Taxis


Operation of a water taxi, or "limousine boat," started in July 2013. The water taxi runs from the Haneda Airport Wharf To locations in Tokyo (Shibaura, Nihonbashi, Toyosu, and Asakusa).

What is the Haneda Airport Wharf?

*The image is just for a reference.It differs from actual conditions.

Beginning operation in July 2011, the Haneda Airport Wharf takes advantage of Haneda Airport as a new water traffic access point. The pier is intended for tourist exchange, promotion of tourism, disaster prevention, and other uses.
The pier can not merely be used to enjoy sightseeing cruises in Tokyo Bay on charter boats, but it can also be used as a water transportation route if land transportation becomes paralysed in a disaster or other situation.

Located near the International Terminal, which opened in October 2010, the Haneda Airport Wharf is located inside the Haneda Airport area on the left bank of the Tama River.