Airport Infomation

Notice to All Individuals Entering Tokyo International Airport Building

  1. Hours
  2. The building is open from 5:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. in principle. However, the observation deck is open during the hours stated separately.

  3. Prohibited Acts
  4. (1) The following acts are strictly prohibited:

    ① Breaking or damaging the building, a facility or a signboard.

    ② Throwing any object onto the aircraft parking area or performing any other act that could interfere with the safe operation of aircraft.

    ③ Bringing in any of the following items:
    (a) an explosive or any other hazardous material that is ignitable or inflammable,
    (b) a knife, stick or any other material that could harm other individuals, and
    (c) an object that emits a foul odor, a long object or an object that may break or damage the building or a facility.

    ④ Smoking except in a designated smoking area.

    ⑤ Discarding waster paper, used container or any other unnecessary object except in a designated area, or leaving hand-carry luggage or other item unattended.

    ⑥ Entering the building with an animal. However, a seeing-eye dog, a hearing dog and a caring dog brought in for the intended purpose and any other animal treated as air cargo are exempt.

    ⑦ Soliciting customers for taxi, hire or any other private means of transportation.

    ⑧ Making a speech, demonstrating or performing any other similar act.

    ⑨ Singing in a high voice, u15:16 2018/05/23sing violence or performing any other act that could disturb other individuals.

    (2) Performing any of the following acts without our approval is strictly prohibited:

    ① Entering a designated "no entry" area, or non-passengers entering a "passenger only" area.

    ② Using fire.

    ③ Soliciting for contributions.

    ④ Selling or distributing goods.

    ⑤ Posting or distributing a signboard, flag, printed matter, document or any other similar material.

    ⑥ Taking pictures for business.

    ⑦ Shooting or recording a movie, television program or any other similar item.

    ⑧ Advertising, spreading propaganda or performing any other similar act.

    ⑨ Parking a motor vehicle or leaving a bicycle or motor cycle in the premises of the terminal building.

    ⑩ Entering the terminal building after it has closed.

  5. Entry Restrictions and Expulsion
  6. In the event of any of the following, the individual(s) concerned may be barred from entry to the premises or may be asked to leave.

    (1) In the event that any of the above clauses is violated or is likely to be violated.

    (2) In the event that safety, hygiene, public morals or order is likely to be disturbed.

  7. Suspension or Restriction of Service
  8. In the event of any of the following and it is deemed necessary for the management of the terminal building, the provision of service and use thereof may be restricted or suspended:

    (1) In the event that an Act of God or extraordinary situation occurs.

    (2) In the event that repair or other work is performed on a facility.

    (3) In the event that any other reason beyond our control occurs.

  9. Further Details
  10. For further details, please refer to "Regulations on Services of Tokyo International Airport Terminal Building".
    (Contact: Disaster Prevention Center,1st Floor, Passenger Terminal 1 Building: Phone 03-5757-8101)
October 1 , 2002
Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd.