To All Handicapped Passengers

To visitors to the airport with impaired vision

Haneda International Airport continually strives to make the terminals at more comfortable and convenient for visitors with impaired vision.

■ Information counters ■ Airport Concierge
If you do not understand something about the airport, or you become frustrated, feel free to go to an Information counter or ask one of the Airport Concierges in the airport for assistance.
Enter the terminal and get information from an Information counter.
■ Tactile blocks
The tactile blocks can inform you how to get to various facilities, including Information counters, toilets, and elevators.
Enter the Terminals following the tactile blocks.
■ Toilets, and multi-function toilets
At the entrance to toilets indicated by the tactile blocks, a voice recording describes the location of toilets (except in some locations). There are also information boards that describe toilet layout in Braille.
Entrance and Interior of a Multi-function Toilet
■ Elevators
Elevators indicate floors with a recorded voice announcement. The voice also tells you which door will open in the case of elevators with doors on both sides.
Leave the monorail wickets, get on the elevator, and go to the Check-in Lobby.
■ Terminal Information Boards
Braille information boards with recorded voice announcements are installed at each terminal entrance and exit, and in walkways.
■ Inter-Terminal Free Shuttle Bus
Use the non-step bus to move between terminals. Buses run approximately every 5 minutes.
■ Priority seating
The Departure Lobbies, Gate Lounges, and Arrival Lobbies are all equipped with priority seating.

Supported depending on the airline or transportation company

■ Supported depending on the airline
* See the webpage for your airline regarding boarding procedures.