To All Handicapped Passengers

To visitors with impaired walking ability

Haneda International Airport continually strives to make the terminals at more comfortable and convenient for visitors with impaired walking ability.

From Arrival to Boarding

1. Haneda Airport Arrival

■ Passengers arriving by car
Please use Pick-up and Drop-off for Handicapped Persons for Terminal 1 and 2.
Go from the special wheelchair drop off location on the departure level into the terminal and proceed to the Check-in Lobby.
■ Passengers arriving by train or monorail
For both Terminal 1 and 2, you can easily go from the Keikyu line or monorail wickets located on B1F up to the boarding gates on 2F using the elevator.
Leave the monorail wickets, get on the elevator, and go to the Check-in Lobby.
When going to the International Terminal, use the Inter-Terminal Free Shuttle Bus on 1F of Terminal 1 or 2.
■Tactile blocks
The tactile blocks can inform you how to get to various facilities, including Information counters, toilets, and elevators.
Enter the Terminals following the tactile blocks.
■ Inter-Terminal Free Shuttle Bus
Use the non-step bus with wheelchair lift to move between terminals.
Buses run approximately every 5 minutes.
* See the webpage for each transportation company for information on access to Haneda International Airport.
Trains & Monorail

2. Finding Your Way Through the Airport

■ Information counters ■ Airport Concierge
If you do not understand something about the airport, or you become frustrated, feel free to go to an Information counter or ask one of the Airport Concierges in the airport for assistance.
We also loan out wheelchairs for people on field trips and seeing others off at the airport.
Also, public telephones, drinking fountains, and Information counters are at a height easily accessible by children and visitors in wheelchairs.
Enter the terminal and get information from an Information counter.
■ Observation Decks
You can use the observation decks located on 6F of Terminal 1 or 5F of Terminal 2.
There are walkways to the observation decks at the north and south ends of 6F in Terminal 1. The walkway is sloped for easy access to observe the planes. Stairs are required to use the observation deck on the roof.
There are walkways to the observation deck on 5F in Terminal 2. The observation deck is level, allowing easy access to the entire deck. A sloped walkway also goes to the break terrace.
Terminal 1 and 2 Observation Decks
■ Multi-function toilets
Multi-function, wheelchair accessible toilets are located on each floor. Ostomates may also use these toilets.
Excluding some locations, these toilets are also equipped with multi-purpose “universal seats” for easily putting on or changing diapers for physically disabled individuals.
Entrance and Interior of a Multi-function Toilet
Floor maps

3. From Check-in to Boarding

After check-in with your airline, you must clear a security check at a security checkpoint. Security checkpoints include a priority lane for handicapped passengers. Inside the Gate Lounge (inside the security area) beyond the security checkpoint, there are moving sidewalks for your convenience.

Entering a Security Checkpoint From a Priority Lane
■ Supported depending on the airline
* See the webpage for your airline regarding boarding procedures.
If there is something you do not understand about boarding, or you become frustrated, feel free to inquire at any of the counters run by the airlines in the airport.

Haneda Airport Terminal Building, General Information.
(Business Hours 5:00 - 25:00)