To All Handicapped Passengers

To visitors to the airport with impaired hearing and/or speech

Haneda International Airport continually strives to make the terminals at more comfortable and convenient for visitors with impaired hearing and/or speech.

■ Information
Feel free to go to an Information counter if you do not understand something about the airport or become frustrated. We are ready with writing boards to assist visitors impaired with hearing and/or speech. Some staff can also use sign language.
Enter the terminal and get information from an Information counter.
■ Airport Concierge
Airport Concierges walk freely through Terminal 1 and 2. Concierges wear sashes marked “ご案内” (“Information”). Feel free to go ask an Airport Concierge for assistance if you do not understand something about the airport or become frustrated.
■ Information Signs
Many information signs that visually indicate where to go and the location of facilities have been installed in the terminals. Easy to see even from a distance colored in consideration of color vision according to new handicapped accessibility laws, these information signs help people move easily through the airport.
■ Flight Information Boards
You can check flight information by looking at any of the large information boards inside the terminals.
You can also check flight information on our mobile site (updated every 10 minutes). Please combine the use of these method of checking flight information.

Supported depending on the airline or transportation company

■ Supported depending on the airline
* See the webpage for your airline regarding boarding procedures.