Route Master

HND Route Master can search for the best route for you to get to the airport from a given location or how to get to a given destination from the Haneda Airport Domestic Terminals using trains, the Monorail, and buses.
You can find out routes, departure and arrival times, fares and other information. You can search for routes by directly entering the names of train stations, hotels, sightseeing spots and other such locations for your destination or by selecting from a list of major train stations, major hotels, and other well-known facilities.

When you make your search, you will be presented with the best option for transferring between trains, the Monorail, and buses.The route for transferring between Haneda and Narita Airports is also easy to find.Be sure to use HND Route Master. It can be great aid whether you are travelling for business or pleasure.

  • Terminal1 Access Route Search
  • Terminal2 Access Route Search

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