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Tsukiji Maguro Sushi MATAKOIYATerminal 2 2F Gate Lounge (South)41


Business Hours 7:00 - 20:00
Phone 03-6428-8546
Fax 03-6428-8546
Menu Sushi eaten while standing
Electronic Money Rakuten Edy / Suica / PASMO / iD / WAON
Other Number of seats : Stand and eat seats in store

Our store offers a standing eating experience that features nigirizushi shipped directly from Tsukuji. 
Be sure to try our seasonal fresh fish and our proud drift ice bluefin.

* The shops are located in the Departure Gate Lounge. Only passengers awaiting boarding may enter this lounge.

Tsukiji Maguro Sushi MATAKOIYAの写真