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Shokoku Daidokoro Hl-FU-MlTerminal 2 5F Market Place2


Business Hours 10:30 - 22:00
L.O.21:00 (Food 21:00 / Drinks 21:15)
Phone 03-5757-6611
Fax 03-5757-6612
Menu Japanese cuisine, delicious foods from around Japan
Electronic Money Rakuten Edy
Other Number of seats : 40 seats

The food of Japan is its treasure! We serve a selection of foods and ingredients from throughout Japan at Haneda Airport, the entrance to Tokyo. 
In the afternoon, we serve various healthy and nostalgic set meals (such as oyako donburi, grilled fish, etc.), and Inaniwa udon shipped directly from Akita. In the evening, we offer regional sake, shochu, and delicious foods from kitchens throughout Japan.

Terminal 2 5F Market Place2
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