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Tokyo Chef's KitchenTerminal 1 B1F Market Place12


Business Hours 5:45 - 21:00
Phone 03-5757-8868
Fax 03-5757-8871
Menu Food court
Electronic Money Rakuten Edy / Suica / PASMO / iD / WAON
Other Number of seats : 170 seats (child seats available)

We offer a diverse lineup of foods, from the specialty restaurant “Bairin” that first opened in the Ginza district, the Western restaurant “Yoshikami,” in downtown Asakusa, the pizza and pasta restaurant, “To The Herbs Express,” in Aoyama, authentic Osaka takoyaki at “Takobon,” Chinese cuisine at “SAIHŌ," and Japanese soba "Azumino" etc. You can freely taste the flavor of popular street restaurants.

Terminal 1 B1F Market Place12
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