Message from President

Aiming to become the most highly praised airport in the world, we continue to steadily implement our new medium-term management plan.

Last year, the final year of our previous medium-term management plan (2013 to 2015), our group found itself in a favorable business environment.
We saw increased inbound demand, primarily from within the Asian region. Nearly achieving the government’s 2020 goal of 20 million foreign visitors, foreign arrivals from overseas showed strong growth. Foreign visitors had a major impact on our revenues, as they spent about 3 trillion yen, a 70 percent increase over the previous year.

During the previous medium-term plan, we put effort into promoting Open Sky, LCC entrance, and airport management reform as our three main national growth strategies for the aviation industry. Business at Haneda Airport grew in terms of both number of flights and number of travelers, with the increase of 20,000 domestic departures and arrivals in 2013, and 30,000 international departures and arrivals in 2014.

Against this backdrop, our entire group tackled the challenges of the previous medium-term management plan, united under the theme: "working for the further evolution of Haneda Airport and bolstering our business foundation for new airport operations in the future." We also achieved a sales growth rate higher than the rate of growth in the number of travelers by implementing policies tailored to handle foreign demand to visit Japan, thus achieving the numerical targets set for the last year of the previous medium-term plan one year ahead of schedule. In addition, with respect to issues besides numerical targets, we were able to achieve great momentum coming into fiscal 2016 by steadily enhancing the functionality of the airport and strengthening the foundation of our business through the implementation of each policy based on four strategic concerns that focused on internationalization of the airport.

However, with the decision to hold the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics in Tokyo, we have also faced new challenges for the last three years, such as the need for large-scale capital investment to expand the airport’s arrival and departure areas, dealing with the risk of a decrease in purchasing demand among foreign visitors, particularly in regards to duty-free business, and reforming airport management in order to evolve even further.

As we face these challenges, our group has established a new, medium-term plan based on a long-term vision, “To be a World Best Airport.” Even in the unpredictable business environment for the future, we will maintain the same unwavering action guidelines so that all of our employees continue to act with a single vision.

Our goal is for Haneda Airport to be praised as the World’s No. 1 airport in terms of terminal operations as supported and evaluated by all stakeholders including passengers, airlines, stockholders, employees, and the community itself.

By “World’s No. 1 airport,” we do not simply mean number one in terms of the number of passengers or the size of the terminals. Rather than doing just enough to meet functional requirements and providing a dynamic space, we consider services from the point of view of our customers,
by brainstorming many different ideas, considering issues wisely, and paying attention to every detail so that the airport is a place that customers will visit time and time again. We aim for an airport with the power and courage to pick up people’s spirits as only the world’s best airport, Haneda, can offer through our thorough attention to detail from comfortable lobby chairs to the cleanest toilets.

To realize this goal, we will steadily implement our new medium-term management plan with an eye toward strengthening organization governance and improving the efficiency of each of our businesses, with continuing increased customer value while maintaining a strong awareness of our company’s reason for being and our social mission.

We kindly ask all of our stockholders and investors for your continued support in the future.

President and COO, Nobuaki Yokota

President and COO,
Nobuaki Yokota

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